Grape is a visual and spatial way to organize temporary files.

Recover control of your desktop.

Grape automatically generates previews and allows you to quickly organise the clutter of your desktop by rearranging, stacking, filtering and scaling icons at will.


Visually find

very quickly any particular image.

Zoom in

icons spread out keeping

their original size.


Visual Search

Files not relevant to your search criterias are dimmed.


Visual Clue

Scale icons as you wish

Drop Zone

Know where your files are:

When you drop files on Grape they are stacked under the drop zone easily retrievable.

Box Area

Draw Box

to define area of special interest

Choose Preview

With pdf, movies and mutipage documents.

Choose the image that best visualy represent your document.

Text Label

Type Label

to help classify

Select Files

Selecting files is now straightforward.

Grape is in close beta state and developed for MacOS X by docklandsoft

It can be discussed at GetSatisfaction

It is based on a design I made in 2006 that you can see here : Grape design

It will be available to purchase in May.



A quick shortcut to cleanup your files.


as many pictures as you want in big piles.

Grape is developped for MacOS X by docklandsoft

It is based on a design I made in 2006 that you can see here : Grape design

It is now in a beta test state and it will be available around May 2009 to download.

To contact me, yann, the designer : yann [at]

To contact stéphane, the programmer : contact [at]

To give us a very welcome feedback : getsatisfaction