On the back of the computer a hinge allows it to be put in a vertical position so you can use mactab comfortably on your desk.


Ultra portable, mactab is the complement to mybook in the high-end.

The incredibly thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover

for transportation.

It stays in place with a combination of

magnets and notches.

A TV with a Wifi Connexion to access your computer and play movies and music bought on ITMS.

Integrated microphone and isight allows you to chat with your friends comfortably installed

in your living room.

An intelligent sound system coupled with the microphone gives great surround auto-calibrated capabilities.


The remote is built around the

popular ipod click wheel, adding

just the minimum controls to access commonly used functions.

As a way to get in the living room you have the AppleTV but if you go a step further, why not a TV screen? It would make sense adding chat capabilities to itunes connection, it would be a whole new experience in the living room.

I started to think at a remote because I have always found them unnecessarily complicated.

I chose to build upon the solid foundation of the iPod scrollwheel, an interface that everybody knows now and that allows to scroll a long list quickly and naturaly.

It’s also a very convenient control when navigating menus as seen with iPlay.

I also added three buttons that are very helpful to have as physical interface : play/stop, backward and forward, that way you can manipulate the remote without looking at it just by feeling the buttons and it allows an instant access to frequently accessed commands cannot be greatly implemented otherwise.

I also chose, like with iPlay to put a “control” button that gives access to settings onscreen so the menu button keep the function you expect from a DVD player remote.


Eyespeak is a small set of speakers designed to minimize the use of cables and be fun.

Self powered and stereo in one unit, just plug them through USB and it works.