Tayasui Sketches for Android

Stop thinking about the device, enjoy the sensation of drawing on paper.

The most realistic tools

We made Sketches the most realistic digital drawing tool to allow you to draw the most beautiful images.


Enjoy a zen minimalist User Interface where each tool has been finely designed to be visually beautiful and fun to use.


Besides its realistic brushes and without adding interface clutter, Sketches adds great advanced features to satisfy the most demanding users.


Use up to 3 layers to refine the most complexe drawings

Multiple tips

Select different brush sizes

Brush editor

A fast and easy way to change the opacity and size of your brushes

(normal mode)
(multiply mode)

Blending mode

Swap between opaque and transparent


Dozens of patterns available with the fill and area tools

Area tool

Fill large areas with a simple gesture


Easily draw the smallest details