Small but tough.


Mybook is the lightest portable mac ever. Small, light and semi-rugged, you can bring it everywhere.

As the perfect companion, it carries all your documents, contacts, appointments, mails and bookmarks.

Always connected to the internet through wifi, it’s all the knowledge of the world at the reach of the arm.

It as its roots deeply in Alan Kay Dynabook’s dream.


Mybook is the ideal book and news reader when in portrait mode.

The touch-sensitive screen is readable in bright daylight thanks to the use of a new transflective generation of LCD screen.

You can read ebooks and web pages or work with you Word and Excel documents anywhere.

Offline, you can even read web pages you’ve marked “to read later”. They are especially fetched and stored by Safari for you.

L shaped

The crisp and clear 11 inches wide LCD screen is perfect to watch movies and TV shows bought on ITMS.


No complicated hinge, The screen rotates 180°.

In that position, keyboard and trackpad are inoperative and the screen goes in portrait mode.

Special keys

There are two keys on the screen, readable from both side (for left or right-handed).

One is used to emulate the left-click and displays a contextual menu.

The other one, the toolkey button, is especially intended for mybook and displays a toolbar which change according to the context.

For example it brings a type-in area when the cursor is in text mode.


As industrial keyboards, mybook's keys are not sensitive to dust and water and can’t be easily ripped-off.


Mybook’s stylus is set in a trap that

uncovers when the screen is flipped.

Very simple, 100% plastic, you can lose it many times as it will cost you almost nothing to replace it.